Welcome to Applenzo | Holo's tree

You will find here informations about me and my own adventure of making content.
Do not hesitate to give feedbacks !


Im doing mods. Most of them will be on early access on my patreon for an undefined time, and will probably then be released publicly. That's the short version.More detailed, im focusing mostly on clothes and accessories and some body sculpts. I can work on every races&genders&transgenders.
Im always looking to learn new things and work on new things. Knowledge is something i value highly.

My self

Smiling ... Happyness, those are the two first word that could come to mind if i had to speak about me~
I'am always trying to take the best part of everything, to see the glass half full and not half empty.
Best way to know more about me, is just to interact with me.
I dont bite, unless you're an apple.

Some of my from scratch work

Some of my upscales/Mod Edits

Currently having no Collaborations !

If you are a club, a DJ, a creator in any kind, and you would like to make some collabs with me, send me a dm on discord ♥

Commissions are OPEN

Ko-fi Commissions : Custom Chokers, Necklaces, Tags, Collars and edit some of my mods. Check it out before using the commission Form !Upscaling : My Upscaling commission is open on Kofi. I do upscaling only of my own stuff.Commission Form : Quite EverythingRefusing : Im keeping the right to refuse something you might ask. If i judge its not my field, or something im not confortable with.Privacy : I will always publish the results of commissions for my patreons + maybe on KofiPrivate Commissions : If you want them to stay private, i will most likely refuse.Price : I dont have definite prices, im looking at what you're asking, and give you a price that seems fair to me.

Some Commissions listed on Kofi


Paid Content :- Early access & paid mods must stay private. Do not share, even to friends, link to my pages so they can get it themself. Personal edits are fine indeed. As long as they stay private and personal.
- Do not port to other games.
- Do not use my assets for creations/edits/upscales/whatever for private commissions, unless you asked me first and I personally gave you persmission.
(If you want any kind of modifications made to my stuff, you can directly ask me, usually im up to do those ♥)
- You can use my private/paid stuff to do whatever you want as long as it stays private and for you only.
Free Content :- Do not port to other games, unless you asked me~
- Other than that, do whatever you want as long as you credit me ♥
- If you do any kind of rescale, modification, please credit me and link to the original post or my website. And you can still send me a message if you use any of my mods for creating something, I will be happy to know-
- You're free to use my PUBLIC assets for private commissions.
- Reminder that im usually up to do commissions on my own stuff, including upscaling, so reach me out if you are interested in any of those ! I will most likely provide you the best result as i have all the work files of it